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Created by racers for racers, Computech is your one stop shop for quality motorsports and drag racing electronics at a fraction of the cost and backed by our infamous 24/7 technical support. We carry a large array of drag racing electronics and accessories for nearly every discipline of motorsport including drag racing, road racing, tractor pulling, circle track racing, off-road racing, boat racing, motorcycles and much more.

With over 28 years of experience in the motorsports electronics industry Computech offers a wide array of patented products developed in house such as our popular RaceAir racing weather stations, new DataMaxx drag racing data loggers, EGT exhaust gas temperature monitors, VRT vehicle reaction timers, racing software and many other electronic products. Along with our line of Computech patented products we are dealers of many industry leading brands including Digital Delay, Dedenbear, K&R, Advanced Control Devices, PortaTree, Replay XD, Daytona Sensors, Airtek and much more. Computech hosts a large selection of racing weather stations, drag racing data acquisition systems, race car delay boxes, switch panels, throttle stops, race software, video cameras, wiring components, sensors, fuel hydrometers, dial in boards, vehicle reaction timers, O2 and exhaust gas temp monitors and much, much more.

The Computech advantage is not only our wide selection of the best quality products at unbeatable prices but also our unique to industry 24/7 technical support. As drag racers ourselves we understand that most motorsport enthusiasts don’t have time to work on their vehicles 9-5 Monday through Friday, so we make sure we are always available to help you day or night and on the weekends. We are available to help whether you are at the track on the weekend or working on the car late at night to help you be successful on race day. Winners rely on Computech.