Software Notice for v 1.13.12 & 1.14.1

If you were running software version 1.13.12 or 1.14.1 there was a bug in the software that caused the performance altitude variable to be calculated off of Standard Correction factor instead of SAE correction factor. This error only effects the two specific versions listed. If you have any performance altitude data saved in a logbook, we have a simple process for correcting these values.


  1. First update your software to the latest version by going to the Tech Support Page
  2. Open the software and click on the Clear button inside the Weather Info area.
  3. Type in your temp, humidity and pressure and then click on the calculate button.
  4. The new performance altitude value will then be shown.


Please note that when opening old weather files that were created with these versions of software, the Performance Altitude variable shown will not be the correct value. However, if you click on a specific sample it will import those values into the Weather Info area. Once there you can click on the time stamp and it will automatically re-calculate the performance altitude value correctly.


For more information or assistance please contact Matt via text or phone at 301-481-3675.