DataMaxx Pro Dash


The DataMaxx Pro Dash is the latest display in Computech’s data logger line that will take your racing program into the future and beyond by allowing a level of customization never had in the racing industry. The touch screen allows you to easily customize the multiple gauge pages to your specific needs and preferences. Our customizable target and range setting allows you to know your sensors are in range with the glance of the screen and without having to think or do any math. For footbrake you can easily maintain the perfect launch RPM without ever taking your eyes off of the tree by utilizing our custom warning lights. Combine that with our best in industry technical support and you have a display that will be an integral part of your racing operation.

If you are running a 16v or higher battery, we need to reduce the voltage to the screen down to 12v using a 12v knockdown. If you do not already have one, you will need to add.

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With the DataMaxx Pro Dash Data Logger Screen, you are in complete control of what you want your gauge packages to look like. You can easily edit a gauge’s size, min & max, needle color, font size, location and so much more. Multiple pages allows you to have a different combination of data based on the track or lane your running as well as separate pages dedicated for warm ups or diagnostics. The Pro Dash screen also has a built in locking feature so you can’t accidently edit a gauge you don’t want to, but also makes it easy enough to edit quickly if you want.

Unique to the DataMaxx Pro Dash is our customizable target and range settings that you can add to any gauge. When we look at a gauge before a pass, we note what value a sensor is reading, try to remember what the ideal should be, then try to figure out what range it should be and then determine if it is inside that range. That is a lot to think about and do on the starting line. With our gauge target and range option, you can set exactly what you want the value to be and what is an acceptable range. Then when you are on the starting line, all you have to do is glance at the needles, and if they are all sitting in the green, you know you are good to go. We even give you the ability to customize what color the gauges will use for below, within range, and above; putting you in complete control of your drag racing gauges.

For Footbrake, we implemented the same theory of the target and range, but applied it to a warning light or a warning within the gauge. When you are footbrake racing, many times you are pushing down on the pedal a very controlled amount to get to a desired launch rpm. This is easy to do when you can sit there and stare at the tach, but it becomes a little more difficult when you switch your vision to the tree. When your eyes move to the tree, you have to depend on your ears to make sure the idle stays stable, but with the Pro Dash we can set a warning light that will show specific colors when we are below, in range and above our target launch rpm. This allows you to keep your eyes on the tree, but also be able to tell that you just went too high on your foot and to back it down some, making your launch and your reaction time more consistent.

As racers ourselves, we are constantly coming up with improvements and additional features to help make your racing more competetive. And with the DataMaxx Pro Dash data logger screen, you can easily update your dash from home when new features come out.


Pro Dash Features:

  • Full Color Screen
  • Customizable Brightness For Day/Night Modes
  • Touch Screen
  • Easy To Customize Gauge Packages
  • Multiple Gauge Size Options
  • Ability To Change Each Gauges Needle Color, Text Color
  • Customizable Warning Lights w/ Custom Colors
  • Editing Lock Prevents Accidental Gauge Editing
  • Target and Range Customizes Gauge For At A Glance Confirmation
  • Dimensions: 10″ wide x 6″ tall x 2.75″ deep