Dual Weld-In EGT Plus Kit


The EGT Plus exhaust gas temperature monitor is the most affordable and feature rich EGT gauge on the market. No other device can help keep your car tuned the same week to week like the EGT Plus. This kit comes with the EGT Plus unit, EGT Plus Power Connector and dual Weld-In Probe’s.

About The Dual Weld-In EGT Plus Kit

Have you ever had a tune up on your engine that was just perfect? Or did you spend the time and money to dyno your engine? Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the track and get back to that same tune up every single time? With the EGT Plus Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitor kit you can make sure your car is tuned correctly week in and week out. The rule of thumb is the more lean your engine is, the hotter the exhaust temperature gets and the richer your engine is, the cooler your exhaust temperature gets. Using that logic, if we find the perfect tune-up through either a dyno session or just test and tune, we can make note of what the exhaust gas temperature should be for the perfect tune up. Then the next time you go to a race you make a pass and if the temp is higher than it should be your engine is too lean. If the temp is lower than it should be then its too rich. The EGT Plus is not a crystal ball, it cannot tell you what you should change your jet size to based on the current weather. But it can verify for you what your actual tune up is, and verify that the tune up is back to the perfect spot. If you are looking for something that will tell you exactly what jet size to put in, check out our RaceAir Pro Weather Station. Consider the RaceAir Pro the crystal ball that tells you what to change the jet to and the EGT Plus as the compliment that proves the RaceAir Pro was right.

Features of the EGT Plus

The ability to monitor your exhaust gas temperature is one of the most cost effective ways to keep your engine tuned to a baseline. The ideal bracket racing situation is to have a baseline tune up where you know your RaceAir Pro will be predict perfectly. Each time you go to a new race or new day your run the RaceAir Pro tune-up program and it tells you what to change your jets to so you get back to that baseline where the RaceAir Pro predicts perfectly. This system works great but there is no way to ensure that you are absolutely back at that baseline unless you have a device to monitor how hot the cylinder is getting. That’s where the EGT Plus allows you ensure that your tune-up prediction is at your baseline, therefore knowing that the ET Prediction will be accurate. This dual channel EGT Monitor is designed to monitor not only exhaust gas, liquid, tire and track temperatures, but also engine RPM. The EGT Monitor has a built in memory feature so you don’t have to worry about loosing your readings when the power turns off. Also allows you to change the number of cylinders from 4, to 6 to 8 and has a built in redline feature to help prevent noise spikes. Features 4 glove friendly buttons and the ability to run on either 9-V battery power or through your vehicle’s power supply. The EGT Plus has three modes, ‘Continuous’, ‘Record Switch’ and ‘Trans-Brake’ modes built in. Continuous is the easiest to use and offers a simple always recording always taking the maximum. Simply push the ‘Reset’ button before your run and hit the ‘Telltale’ button to read the maximums. Reset, Run, Read. The Record Switch mode is designed for circle track racers to allow you to choose which section or lap you want to gather data on. It will offer you a simple maximum temperature and rpm based on the time the record switch was on. The Transbrake mode is the most powerful of them all, and offers more information than any other stand alone Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitor in its class. Simply connect the transbrake wire to your EGT Plus and you can get launch temp & rpm, finish line temp & rpm, your maximum temp & rpm as well as how many seconds into the run you got that maximum. To take it one step further we allow you to set a ‘Note At’ point where you can record the temps & rpm at any point during the run. Available in a few pre-configured kits as Weld-In EGT Plus Kit, Dual Weld-In EGT Plus Kit, Clamp-On EGT Plus Kit and Dual Clamp-On EGT Plus Kit.

EGT Plus Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitor Features

  • Single or Dual Probes
  • Weld In or Clamp On
  • EGT Plus
    • Monitors Dual Temperature Channels
    • Monitors Engine RPM
    • Power Through 9V Battery or 12V Vehicle Supply
    • Continuous Mode
      • Simple Maximum
    • Record Switch Mode
      • Choose When To Record
      • Maximum Temp & RPM
    • Trans-Brake Mode
      • Launch Temp & RPM
      • Finish Line Temp & RPM
      • Maximum Temp & RPM
      • The Time Maximums Occurred
      • Notable Time Temp & RPM
Weight2.00 lbs
Dimensions9.00 × 6.50 × 2.75 in
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