Motorsports Math


Available for Windows XP, Vista & 7, 8, 10, Mac, Linux.

MotorSports Math has more racing formulas in one place than any other piece of software you have seen. You can keep your engine in tune with 9 different jetting programs including Holley, Nitrous and EFI programs. Drag Racing dial in programs, run analysis programs and horsepower predictions. Circle track formulas for car setup, race analysis and ratio calculators. Plus the ability to determine important weather variables makes this the one stop shop for all racing formulas!

Available for Windows XP, Vista & 7, 8, 10, Mac, Linux.


Motorsports Math Features

  • Air Correction
    • Converts temp, humid and press into other values
    • Air Correction, Density Altitude, Air Density Ratio
    • Dry Barometer, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, Vapor Press, Water Vapor, Press Alt
  • Tuning
    • Holley, Precision, Mikuni, Keihin/Delortto, Nitrous Jets
    • Fuel Injection Area, EFI Injectors, Methanal Carb
    • Orafice Area, Change, Flow, and High Speed Bypass
    • EGT Prediction & Correction, Blower Drive, Engine Airflow
    • Fuel Pump Size, Fuel Specific Gravity, Nitro % Correction
  • Drag Racing
    • Standard, Original & Index Dial In Programs
    • Run Completer, Std Day Performance, Segment Time, Trap RPM
    • Estimate HP/ET/MPH, Converter Slip & Stall, Axle Ratio
  • Circle / Road Race
    • Tire Stagger & Chassis Setup
    • Std Day Laps, Lap Analysis, Fuel Mileage
    • Tire Size, MPH Calc, Axle & Trans Ratio, Engine RPM
  • Engine Builder
    • Compression Ratio, Pour Chamber & Dome, Gasket Volume, Cam Specs
    • Displacement, Calc Bore & Stroke, Dyno Correction, Piston Speed & Height
    • HP Predictor, Airflow Compare, Intake Plenum, Valve Events & Lift, Balance Bobweight
  • Miscellaneous
    • Boat Speed for Prop and HP
    • Drive & Trans Ratios, Oil Premix, Loan Payments, Valve Shim
    • MM to Inches, Tire Dia & Circum, CC to Cubic Inches, Liquid Weights, Specific Grav, Temp Converter
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