Vehicle Reaction Timer


Have you ever wondered whether your inconsistent reaction times were the car or the driver? With the V.R.T. Vehicle Reaction Timer you can determine once and for all whether it was the drivers or the cars fault!

The Computech Systems Vehicle Reaction Timer is designed to very accurately measure the time from when your vehicle is “instructed” to launch to when it actually begins moving with at least 0.8G’s of acceleration. The starting “instruction” for this launch is typically the release of a transbrake, line lock, foot brake, or the release of the clutch pedal. The Vehicle Reaction Time is determined by wiring to one of several possible places on your vehicle. Meanwhile, the exact time that your vehicle first generates 0.8G’s of acceleration is measured by a highly repeatable accelerometer wired into the connector of the Vehicle Reaction Timer. By recording your Vehicle Reaction Time for every run, you can monitor the health of your engine and drivetrain… a consistent time is an indication of a healthy car. If your Vehicle Reaction Time ever begins to vary by more than its typical amount, then some part of your engine or drivetrain may be ailing, such as your torque converter, for instance. A consistent Vehicle Reaction Time is also very important for a consistent overall reaction time, which can help you trim time off of your overall reaction time without red lighting.
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