RaceBase Software Change Log


  • Implemented a new Logbook widget that organizes your events and gives statistics on the overall event
  • Implemented an expanded Mikuni Tuning section specifically for 33mm. 42mm coming soon.
  • Incorporated a Start Timer and Stop Timer variable
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the Find Run feature
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the naming of the Predict tabs concerning multi-car
  • Bug Fix: Jr Index will now text/page a negative number


  • An open predict tab can now predict off of any new runs added in other tabs
  • If a Predict tab is closed, it will no longer send prediction info for that car
  • Default prediction method set in Cars should be remembered forever now
  • Added formula Custom 1/8, Custom 1/4 and Custom Jr formulas
  • Fixed the weather table headers not staying on the top when scrolling


  • Fixed prediction not staying as default after modifying it
  • Improved Enable Debug –> SOS feature to email for help


  • Added T4 Racing Fuel
  • Added ability to debug “emailbackup” for tech support


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added ability to have different prediction formula values for head wind and tail wind


  • Added run labels to the weather graphs
  • Implemented a Database Backup & Restore feature


  • Added the ability to use MaxJet sizes for Mikuni tuning program
  • Added Tune Up baseline information memory


  • Made limit page variables as a default of 4 instead of all
  • Fixed the getTitleCase method to correctly strip out ‘ and /
  • Fixed manually inputting the wind calculating the head wind
  • Fixed var effect on et, shows 1/4 mile et correctly in left column now
  • Fixed automatic run completion for 1/4 mile runs


  • Added the ability to print a logbook page
  • Added interval variables to 1/8 and 1/4 mile categories
  • Created “Calculation” variable type that can calculate based on any math and other variables
  • Added a Run to Run comparison feature that will mark red anything more than 0.5% beyond the value it’s comparing
  • Added an expanded events note that is visible overtop of the logbook and also from the events widget


  • Creating a new event now shows the new logbook page immediately (bug)
  • Creating an event with an identical name no longer combines the old event (bug)
  • Add Run now starts with the time a minute behind so a weather sample should be shown once clicked. User should still change time to whatever is on their ET slip
  • Auto weather save now only saves one event per day


  • Added pink, purple and orange as logbook colors
  • Weather now autosaves each day
  • Reduced unused space to fit 3 more logbook lines on screen
  • Added up and down buttons to jump through logbook easier
  • Fixed and improved Throttle Stop and Jr. Index dial in programs
    • Note: This does require resetting your existing formulas. To do this, go to Settings, Debug Mode and typing in ‘resetformulas’ and hitting enable debug.


  • Added ability to look up old weather data when adding a run
  • Fixed some multi car issues
  • Disabled changing tabs if a widget was open


  • Improved head wind calculations
  • Introduced Junior Index formula


  • Major release to public
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Exclusive release to Computech customers
  • RaceBase Logbook and Predict features introduced