We are proud to introduce the next generation of our racing weather stations, the RaceAir Cloud. This weather station has been engineered from the ground up to give every racer the most accurate weather information exactly when and where they need it.


RaceAir Cloud Flying In The Wind

The RaceAir Cloud incorporates the ability to add Wind Speed & Wind Direction. Knowing the wind speed and direction can go a long way to getting your car dialed down, especially true for Jr. Dragster and slower ET cars that are more likely to be effected by tail and head winds.

RaceBase Weather Software Streaming Weather Area


The new sunlight intensity meter will give you a definitive value for how intense the sunlight was during the pass. With drag racing, your traction and how your car reacts is different when the sun has been pounding down on the track versus when the clouds are rolling in. With the new Sunlight value you can now measure the suns intensity in terms of Lux x 1,000. This allows you to see exactly when clouds came in and what effect they had on other weather variables and your performance.

RaceAir Cloud Racing Weather Station - Sunlight Intensity Graph


You can now get updated ET and Throttle Stop predictions as well as all of your weather variables direct to your phone. With our easy START/STOP feature you can text START to the RaceBase number when you get to the staging lanes and get your updated predictions. Then just send STOP when you’re ready to race.

The text message feature will require an internet connection at the trailer. However, by using phone and tablet hot spots this has become easier than ever. Many cell phone providers also allow you to add a tablet to your plan at an affordable rate allowing you to turn the tablet into a hotspot instead of a phone.


The RaceAir Cloud racing weather station has been designed to make the race day setup process as easy and quick as possible. We supply you with the brackets to mount on the outside of the trailer, a cam lock expandable pole and even storage mounts for the Cloud and pole at the end of the day. Setting up and flying your RaceAir Cloud is an extremely easy process as demonstrated in the video below.


We have also completely re-designed our RaceBase Weather software making it extremely easy to use. Instead of having to know which communication port you are on, the RaceBase software will automatically search for you and connect without you having to do anything. Simply open the software, plug in the weather station and turn it on. You can now easily log your weather, utilize the table for reference, analyze the graphs to correlate to performance easier than ever. And it is now Mac compatible!