The Computech DataMaxx Racing Data Logger is a complete stand-alone racing data logger designed to fit the average racer’s budget, but with features and sample rates that rival and exceed the abilities of some of the most expensive data loggers available. The Computech DataMaxx Racing Data Logger features expandable modules and sensor capacity, quick SD card memory, DataMaxx software, optional LCD with moveable channels, custom warning lights and more.

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I have a technical question, who do I call?

You can reach Matt via our Evening & Weekend Tech Support Line by phone at 301-884-5718.

Do I need the DataMaxx Main Module to run the LCD Dash?

Yes, the Main Module is the heart and brain of the DataMaxx system and is also the primary place for making power, ground and sensor connections. You can however run the Main Module without the LCD.

What is the difference between analog and digital signals?

Analog sensors are going to output a voltage between 0v to 5v and the DataMaxx then applies a specific meaning to that voltage based on the sensors calibration. A digital or RPM signal is a frequency based signal that will measure how often an event occurs per minute.

Analog Sensors include pressure, temperature, shock, accelerometer and oxygen sensors.
Digital Sensors include Engine RPM, Drive Shaft & Input Shaft RPM, Flow Meter, & switch on/off events.

Can I buy a new SD card anywhere?

No, we only recommend purchasing SD cards through Computech. The DataMaxx system needs an extremely fast SD card to write those thousands of samples per second instantly to the SD card and also needs a file structure under 2 Gb. Approved SD cards should have a Computech DataMaxx decal on them.

If I use a new SD card, do I have to calibrate it?

No, simply re-format the card with our SD Card Formatter Program and you are good to go. Your calibration information is actually stored in your DataMaxx Modules themselves. When you start a recording, the Main Module will actually write a copy of your calibration at the beginning of the logfile. This way, you can use any sd card or any computer to correctly download.

How many SD cards can be used at one time?

There can only be one SD card in the DataMaxx system at a time. If you place more than one the system will not know which one to record to and may fail to record properly.

Why is my LCD Display showing all characters?

Occasionally your LCD Module’s contrast level setting can get changed to the maximum value making your screen show all 8’s. To resolve this, turn power off and then back on. Then press Menu, Menu, Play, Menu, Menu, Menu and then hold down Play until the contrast level is back to zero.

Why does it say "No Logfile Found" when I already recorded one?

If you have recorded a logfile correctly yet the DataMaxx software cannot find it, you may just need to go to Download and then Run SD Card Setup wizard.

Why does my DataMaxx software say "Missing .ini File"?

If your software is missing the .ini file, simply uninstall the program and re-install the latest version from our website above. Uninstalling the software will NOT delete your log files or calibration and nothing needs to be done after re-installing for the system to work correctly.




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