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Elite 95

Elite 95 V2


The next “Elite Series” box, the Elite 95 replaces the Mega 85 and the Mega 60.

When designing the Elite 95 we started with the popular Mega 85, and then enhanced some features. These include, the addition of a built-in LED for the Driver’s Reaction Tester and the ability to display the average of the Driver’s Reaction Tester.

Then we added new features, including a new push-button mode designed especially for CrossTalk and the ability to Tap Up and Down on the same pass.

The Throttle Stop output of the Elite 95 can be used to control a down track Throttle Stop, a Starting Line Enhancer Throttle Stop, Nitrous Solenoids, or a shift solenoid for up to 2 shifts on time.

Mega 450Digital-Delay-Box-Mega-350-Drag-Racing-Delay-Box

Mega 450


The Digital Delay Mega 450 Delay Box is the top of line Mega Series delay box.

We started with the popular Mega 400 and improved on it by adding some new racer-requested features making the box even easier to use than ever.

These new features include a custom back lit keypad for easy night use. Up and down arrow keys allow values to be scrolled for ease when making small number changes. Ability to Tap to the thousandth of a second, two record speeds, 15 and 30 seconds, and the Pro Screen allowing independent settings for both pro light and bracket racing.

Elite 700Elite 700Out of stock

Elite 700


The Digital Delay Elite 700 Delay Box introduces Control Panels and Smart Select Technology, making it the most advanced Delay Box ever made. With a graphical LCD display all information is in plain English, no abbreviations or mode numbers to remember.

The four Control Panels are used by the driver to select what the seven programmable outputs and the four programmable push-button inputs are going to do. Both Bracket and Pro Mode each have three separate outputs that can be programmed to control different devices. The S.L.E. has its own output which can be programed to work in either or both Pro and Bracket mode(s). Smart Select uses the Control Panel settings to automatically decide which screens are needed for both Bracket and Pro Modes. By showing only the screens that are needed, Smart Select simplifies the use of the Elite 700 and reduces the time needed to make changes to numbers.

The Elite 700 is also the first Delay Box to have an external Relay Board. Another first, the Relay Board has a fuse for each output. There is also a fused, constant 12Volt output that can be used to power other devices up to 20 Amps. There are also status LEDs for each fuse, output, and input. By mounting the Relay Board away from the Elite 700 in an easily accessible place, the wiring is greatly simplified. No longer do all the wires from the Push-buttons, Transbrake, Throttle Stops, Shifter, Nitrous, etc. have to be crammed in the dash. With the Elite 700 the Relay Board could be mounted on a knee plate in a dragster or the firewall on a door car.

The Elite 700 also incorporates many other new features. The new Solenoid Saver keeps solenoids from being burnt-up by a locked-on button. The new Sleep Mode saves battery charge by turning off all the outputs when the box is not being used. The new Multi-Tap feature (first seen in the Elite 500) allows large amounts to be tapped down, while the standard Tap feature now has the ability to Tap Up and Down on the same pass.

Along with new features, several standard features have been expanded. The Driver’s Reaction Tester has been upgraded and now features a full tree in Bracket Mode and a pro tree in Pro Mode.

Pro Cube

Pro Cube


The Pro Cube is the base delay box by K & R Performance. Has all the features as the other Pro Cube models but without any timers.

Pro Cube 1

Pro Cube 1


The Pro Cube 1 is very similar to the popular Pro Cube 3 but has only a single 4-stage timer instead of three 2-stage timers.

Pro Cube 3

Pro Cube 3


The Pro Cube 3 by K & R Performance is a great delay box with plenty of features in a small package.


Snap Action Mushroom Button

Snap Action Mushroom Button


This high amperage Snap Action Mushroom Button, positive feel transbrake, nitrous or line lock button is the very popular “Over-sized, Mushroom” button.

This is especially comfortable when wearing gloves or for “Pro-tree” racers who have to hit the trans brake button very quickly after staging, or for you bracket racers who “hit” the tree twice!

Comes complete with a stretch cord. Threaded shaft, and locknut make it very simple to mount on a steering wheel, or any other desired location.

Snap Action TransBrake Button

Snap Action TransBrake Button


This Snap Action TransBrake Button is a high amperage heavy-duty Snap Action, positive feel transbrake, nitrous or line lock button.

Made by Otto Controls, this button comes complete with a stretch cord. Threaded shaft, and locknut that make it very simple to mount on a steering wheel, or any other desired location.

This  transbrake button was designed for stock eliminator racers who plan on using the 2-step on the brake pedal as per NHRA’s new rules. The wires are safely enclosed, and can handle the pounding of a foot.

Elite RPM Switch

Elite RPM Switch


The Digital Delay Elite RPM Switch can handle up to four adjustable digital shift points (no chips to change or buy).

The RPM can be adjusted in 100 RPM increments and is retained in memory even when power is removed.

A selectable Shift Mode feature allows the shift output to be set for Normally Closed or Normally Open. The 40 Amp capacity shift output can handle most shifters without the need for an additional relay or wiring.

Also a handy shift test feature allows the testing of the wiring, shift solenoid, and shift cable without the motor running.

The Little Wizard

The Little Wizard


The Little Wizard is the smallest Delay Box made by Digital Delay, but don’t let the small size fool you. The Little Wizard Delay Box has many of the same features of much larger delay boxes.

The Little Wizard delay box utilizes a 2-line display of all four delay settings at one time. This allows Your Dial, Their Dial, Delay 1, and Delay 2 times to be reviewed without having to switch between screens.