14 Sensor Motorcoach Tow Behind Tire Pressure TPMS w/ Display


This Motorcoach Tire Pressure Monitoring system will allow you to carefully track and monitor your truck and travel trailer tires from the dedicated A1A display unit.

  • Monitor and Track 14 Tires
  • Min/Max PSI and Temp Alerts
  • Audible & Visual Alert Instantly
  • Dedicated Stand Alone Display Screen
  • Comes w/ Rhino Booster and Spare Parts

Add additional sensors?

The 14 Sensor Motorcoach Tow Behind Tire Pressure TPMS Kit with standalone display comes with everything you need including a powerful Rhino Signal Booster. Installation is a breeze and the video tutorial below can walk you through a simple installation. All you have to do is install the rhino signal booster under the truck, charge the display unit and insert your batteries into your sensor and you’re ready to pair. To pair, simply hold down both buttons to enter Learn mode, select the tire you want to pair, then screw the sensor into the tire and it’s paired!


With the standalone display module you can easily scroll through the different sensors with the simple push of an up or down button. It will toggle between each tires pressure and temperature. To set your high pressure alerts simply hold down the center button to enter Programming mode then use the up or down button to adjust. When an alert comes through, it will instantly show you which tire is alerting and what the pressure is. With the standalone display screen you are ensured you can always see which tire is a probably the instant it becomes one.


  • Large, beautiful display (40% LARGER than previous models!)
  • Monitors up to 22 tires (0-232 PSI)
  • 0.5 oz. transmitters screw on valve stems
  • Display PSI and temperature for each tire
  • Visual and audible high/low pressure alarms
  • Transmitters have REPLACEABLE batteries
  • Rechargeable monitor with battery indicator
  • Single action memory delete
  • Front or rear disconnect modes
  • Rapid connect
  • Re-set and automatic search


14 Sensor Motorcoach Tow Behind Tire Pressure TPMS Kit w/ Display Includes:

  • 1 Tire Minder A1A Display Unit
  • 1 DC Charger and Micro USB Cable
  • 14 TireMinder Brass Transmitters
  • 20 CR1632 Transmitter Batteries and 20 O-Rings
  • 20 Locking Nuts with Locking Wrench
  • 1 Carrying Pouch
  • 1 Rhino Signal Booster



Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 5.5 × 4 in
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