Bolt-On Thermocouple


Bolt On Thermocouple For Jr. Dragsters. Size is 3/8″ diameter.

Bolt On Thermocouple for Jr. Dragsters. The Bolt On Ring Thermocouple size is 3/8” in diameter and 10 ft. length.


Or try out the Computech System EGT Kit which includes the Weld-In Fitting Thermocouple and single sensor kit and make your engine run better and consistently. With the EGT kit you can monitor your exhaust gas temperature without the expense of an on board computer system or without the danger of trying to read an analog pyrometer at finish line speeds. You can also fine tune your fuel system with confidence to maintain the performance edge and consistency you need to be a winner!

Weight1.00 lbs
Dimensions11.50 × 6.00 × 1.00 in
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