Custom 8 Cylinder Thermocouple Kit


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The Custom 8 cylinder EGT Thermocouple Kit comes with your choice of either weld in or clamp on EGT Probes. Our top of the line EGT Probes are 3/16″ and can stand up to the most extreme temperatures. Your custom 8 Cylinder Thermocouple Kit comes in either the Chevy (1,3,5,7) & (2,4,6,8) configuration or Ford (1,2,3,4) & (5,6,7,8) configuration. Each EGT probe has a custom length lead allowing the probes to plug in cleanly to the EGT Modules. This custom 8 cylinder kit allows for the removal of the headers without having to take out the thermocouple sensors or un-wire.

Weight4.00 lbs
Dimensions8.00 × 5.50 × 1.50 in
Engine Numbering

Chevy – (1,3,5,7) & (2,4,6,8), Ford – (1,2,3,4) & (5,6,7,8)