RaceBase Predict Edition


Introducing the latest logbook software, the RaceBase Predict edition gives you the most comprehensive and easiest to use digital logbook on the market. We have combined our weather software and logbook software into one program that will soon become your racing database.

Utilizing the latest technology the RaceBase software is more user friendly, visually appealing and intuitive than ever before. Designed specifically to be used with our RaceAir Cloud line of weather stations, the RaceBase Logbook Edition comes with all of the basic logbook features plus our cutting edge Prediction with customizable ET prediction formulas, and analysis tools that will grade how well those formulas performed. With each purchase of the RaceAir Cloud weather station, you recieve the top of the line Predict edition included.

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Just as the previous generation of this software, the RaceBase Logbook Edition comes with the ability to connect to any RaceAir Cloud weather station. It will allow you to easily save a weather day, keeps a table and graph of each variable and allows you to pull up these older weather files to review whenever you would like.

The logbook area allows you to easily change the event by using the drop down or quickly flip pages in the logbook by using the left or right button. The order the data is in in the logbook is completely customizable by the user and easily changed by selecting a different view from the Views dropdown.

Add Run
We have streamlined the process of adding a run to a computer after a pass. You are able to customize not only what variables we are able to keep track of but also organize the order in which you add those variables after a pass. The database also has the ability to create a Preloaded Variable which means that it will automatically fill out that field each time you add a run, based on what the previous runs value was. This allows us to keep track of a massive amount of variables with a minimal amount of effort.

With the ability to have up to 4 cars, the RaceBase software allows you to choose a specific logbook color for each of your cars. This means you will get instant recognition as to which car you are working with in the database and avoids confusion on race day.

The tracks option is a very basic option that helps us keep the different events organized and only requires a name for the track to save it. However, you do have the option of adding additional information about the track such as the radio station or food options.

Because the logbook program is attempting to duplicate the look and feel of a paper logbook, we have different pages in the logbook based on Events. Creating an Event is simple and straight forward.

The strongest aspect of the entire program is its ability to keep track of absolutely every variable you may ever want to track, yet not overwhelm you with too much data when you’re trying to analyze it. For this reason we have the ability to create as many different variables as you would like. You can then group those variables into as many categories you would like such as Launch Stats or Run Setup. And finally you can create multiple different Views to show that data on your logbook. This allows you to have a view that focuses on launch, or a view that focuses on suspension or whatever you would like.

The find run feature is another very powerful tool that allows you to create and save a search for quick reference in the future. We’ve taken it a step further and allow you to create a search based on your most recent run. So if you’d like to save a search that shows you all of the runs where the weather was within 50 feet of your last pass you can. You can also combine multiple search parameters to create very detailed and valuable search results.

With formulas from Computech and Luke Bogaki with This Is Elite Bracket Racing the RaceBase software allows you to fine tune each formula for your specific car. Our formula wizard allows you to easily modify how much each variable is effecting your ET. Once you have saved the formula you can then utilize our Prediction Report Card to determine how accurate that formula would have been at your past events! This allows for a massive amount of customization with confidence the formula is perfect for you.

Tune Up
The Tune Up option gives you the ability to tune your Holley, Precision or Mikuni carburetors. There are also additional calculations such as Run Completer, Standard Day and more. One calculation called Variable Effect on ET allows you to easily compare two runs and determine exactly how much that one variable effected your ET. You can then go plug that value into your prediction formula to make it more accurate for your car and then test it on past events to confirm it works better!

The Maintenance feature allows you keep track of exactly how many runs you have on each maintenance item and will auto increment for each pass that car makes. It will remind about items that are coming up and will also keep a service log of when you performed maintenance items for quality record keeping.

You can easily email a screenshot as well as an excel spreadsheet of the weather day.

You can easily share a screenshot of the software to your Facebook account.

We have gone the extra mile and included a help video tutorial for each of the widget options available. If you are on Add Run and have a questions, simply hit the Help button and a video specifically for Add Run will automatically play.