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DataMaxx Main Module8000-DataMaxx-Main-Module-Top

DataMaxx Main Module


The DataMaxx Main Module is the heart and brain of our entire data acquisition system. You cannot use any of our data logger components including the LCD unless you have this Main Module. The Main Module itself has room for 4 RPM sensors, 4 Analog sensors (temp, pressure, etc.), 2 switch event monitors, 2 light outputs and battery voltage. Keep in mind that the main module is simply the base of the system and is completely expandable by purchasing an Expansion Analog Module or EGT Module.

If you are interested in one of our pre-fabricated kits you can check out the Bracket Kit, Sportsman Kit and Professional Kit. These are designed to make the process of getting a data logger easier and gives you a discount as well. If you would prefer to put together your own custom kit please check out the DataMaxx Buyers Guide.

DataMaxx Expansion Analog Module8002-A-DataMaxx-Analog-Module-A-2

DataMaxx Expansion Analog Module


With the DataMaxx Expandable Racing Data Logger – Expansion Analog Module you can expand as much or as little as you like, and without ever paying for or sending back your data logger. The analog module has the capacity to monitor four more analog channels (pressures & temps) by simply connecting one wire to your DataMaxx Main Module

DataMaxx EGT Module

DataMaxx EGT Module


Each DataMaxx EGT Module allows you to add up to four additional temperature sensors for exhaust gas temperature, cylinder head temperature, oil temperature, water temperature, etc. to your DataMaxx Main Module. CAN Bus wiring only requires a single four conductor cable to connect the EGT Module to the Main Module, simplyfing installation.

DataMaxx SD Remote Mag Module

DataMaxx SD Remote Mag Module


The DataMaxx Remote SD Module is designed specifically for vehicles that are using magneto’s. Magneto’s disperse a wide range of electromagnetic noise and it is necessary to get the SD circuit physically far away from that radius of noise corruption. The remote SD comes with a 15 foot cable and can also be used as a convenient way to mount the SD card in an easy to reach location.

8090 DataMaxx SD Card

DataMaxx SD Card


The Computech DataMaxx Data Logger samples at an extremelty fast rate, specifically 100 times per channel. That means for a typical Bracket kit we are sampling 650 times every second and for a professional kit it’s 1500 samples ever second.

Because of this we need an SD card that can sample at an extrodinary rate, specifically 150 times faster than the typical SD card.

We recommend purchasing your additional SD cards from Computech as we test each and every SD card to ensure proper speed before shipping them to you.

8161 Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers


These Wire Strippers are made specifically to strip those smaller gauge wires that most typical wire strippers can’t. The CAN Bus wire is a small 24 gauge wire, therefore we recommend all of our customers that have to connect a LCD, EGT, Expansion or Remote SD module use these wire strippers. Included in initial orders.