9″ Ford Large Pinion Driveshaft R.P.M Kit


Available in large pinion (2.190″).

The 9″ Ford Large Pinion Driveshaft Kit allows you to get an accurate reading of your driveshaft RPM. Available in large pinion (2.190″). Includes drive shaft pick-up sensor, 15′ extension cable, trigger collar, and mounting bracket.

Looking for just a replacement sensor? Computech Racing sells replacement driveshaft sensors, but does not include any extension cables or mounts.

Need to measure more than just your driveshaft RPM? Try out Computech Racing System’s DataMaxx Bracket Kit. The Bracket Kit includes the DataMaxx Drive shaft kit, engine RPM, fuel psi, oil psi, water temp, a single EGt probe, battery voltage, and two switch monitors.

Weight.50 lbs
Dimensions8.00 × 5.50 × 1.50 in
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