Jr. Practice Tree


Give your kid the chance to succeed in drag racing by allowing them to practice properly. This junior dragster practice tree comes with the Porta-Tree Pocket Pal practice tree, a Micro Switch Cable for the Halfscale Adjustable Pedal and a Steering Wheel Mount with a choice between a flat and a butterfly steering wheel.

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The Portatree Pocket Pal Practice Tree is the best option for drag racers looking to practice their craft. As drag racers, getting “practice” time is hard to come by and expensive, and there are few things we can do to improve, except for the practice tree. The practice tree allows you to improve your reaction time and most importantly your consistency. And for new racers, it’s imperative that they get practice time in at home and in the pits to develop the consistency needed to win.

Computech is the only one that makes a Porta-Tree Pocket Pal compatible micro switch. This micro switch is meant to be installed on a Halfscale Adjustable Pedal and that pedal can also be installed on a Mike Bos chassis using an adapter. The cable itself is a tough braided cable that won’t kink and will survive in the harsh environment of a junior dragster. This cable will go from the pedal, down the chassis and end up on the upper chassis bar where the driver can easily grab it and plug it into their practice tree.

Coming with the Jr. Practice Tree kit and the Jr. Practice Makes Perfection kit is the option for either a flat or butterfly steering wheel. With either of these options the driver is able to stare straight in front of them with their hands on the wheel and hit the tree. This is imperative for consistency and the mounting back allows you to quickly and easily take in and out of the car.

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