R/T Reader Jr. Dragster Kit


We’ve all asked the same question over and over again, was it the driver or was it the car? Well with the Computech Reaction Time Reader you can finally know for sure, and down to within .004, 4 thousandths of a second. We utilize a GoPro mounted on top of your junior dragster wing to watch both the christmas tree and a target flag installed on the Mikuni carb. Then we utilize the RaceBase software to crunch the data and give you an adjusted drivers reaction time that lets you know what your driver did, completely independent of the car.

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The Reaction Time Reader by Computech allows you to finally know exactly what the drivers reaction time was, separate from the car. This is huge for anybody looking to tighten up their starting line consistency or who have aske the time old question, was it the driver, or was it the car.

The R/T Reader Jr. Dragster Kit comes with a metal wing camera mount that allows you to cleanly and safely mount your GoPro on the center and top of your wing. This aluminum and powder coated mount is completely NHRA legal for junior drag racing and is available in custom powder coat colors upon special request. We offer a wing mount option for both the Mike Bos and the Halfscale wings.

The Mikuni carburetor flag connects to the unused side of the carbs throttle linkage and comes with an option for the 42mm and the 33mm. These flags are solid aluminum powder coated black with a perfect target laser engraved on so you are sure to find the throttle in your video footage. The 42mm flag is also unique in the fact that it is shaped in a manner that allows us to use the flag as a throttle control on the carb itself.

The Computech Reaction Time Reader is meant to be used exclusively with the RaceBase software and although the RaceBase is integrated with our RaceAir Cloud weather station, the Cloud is not needed in order to gather this reaction time data.

For video tutorials and installation instructions please update your RaceBase to the latest version, click on R/T on the toolbar and walk through the Setup section.

As this is a passive system that crunches data after the pass is over, this is completely legal in NHRA, PDRA, WDRA & IHRA for junior dragster competition.