Pedal Microswitch


This micro switch is meant to work with the Halfscale Adjustable Pedal and the Porta-Tree Pocket Pal. If you want to purchase both the switch and the practice tree, be sure to check out our Jr. Dragster Practice Tree and the Practice Makes Perfection Kit that includes the Reaction Time Reader.

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There is no substitute for practicing in the actual race car you will be competing in and in car should be the ONLY place you practice the tree. The position of your leg, the angle of your foot, the position of your head all matters and effects the drivers reaction time. By practicing in your car you are enforcing good and consistent habits.

When you first get to the staging lanes, pass the tree to the kid and let them get 5-10 hits in before the pass. This ensures that their head is in the right place, they are hitting the spot they need to and can also give them that added confidence boost that they can take down anyone.

Computech is the only one that makes a Porta-Tree Pocket Pal compatible micro switch. This micro switch is meant to be installed on a Halfscale Adjustable Pedal and that pedal can also be installed on a Mike Bos chassis using an adapter. The cable itself is a tough braided cable that won’t kink and will survive in the harsh environment of a junior dragster. This cable will go from the pedal, down the chassis and end up on the upper chassis bar where the driver can easily grab it and plug it into their practice tree.