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Portatree Pocket Handheld Portable Practice Tree for Drag RacingPortatree Pocket Handheld Portable Practice Tree - Practice Leads To Perfection

Pocket Pal


With the new Portatree Pocket Practice Tree you can practice anytime, anywhere. Featuring a more realistic feeling transbrake button and easy to navigate menus the Portatree Pocket should be every racers best friend.
Delay Box features include adjustable delay box with bump up or down, adjustable rollout and bump stage. To monitor your progress there is a statistics section and a result blocker mode that hides the results until you view your statistics.
Combined into such a small package and powered by 2 AA batteries, the Portatree Pocket practice tree is a must for any serious racer.

Drag Racing Practice Tree Eliminator Next Gen

Eliminator Next Gen Practice Tree


PortaTree drag racing practice trees have been leading the industry for as long as the industry has existed. And they’ve now come out with their Next Gen practice tree that offers the user a variety of added features. Some of the new features include an easy to use full color touch screen, distraction mode, random dial, additional delay box features and even shifting practice built in. Combine that with an updated statistics mode and the ability to store multiple vehicles and drivers and you have the ultimate in drag racing training tools.

Practice Tree Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

Cigarette Lighter Adapter


Our Portatree Practice Tree Cigarette Lighter Adapter is for use with the Eliminator Dual-Lane Practice Tree and the Pocket Pal Single-Lane Practice Tree. 12 Volt DC Adaptor that plugs into any automotive cigarette lighter socket (center pin positive). Easily modified for vehicles without a cigarette lighter socket.